Cannabis Top 5 ways to consume

New ways of using cannabis are sought every day that adapt to the customer’s needs, so today i bring you the top 5 ways to use cannabis that everyone should know.



The first and most common of the types of consume is Pre-Roll.  If your intention is not to complicate your life when consuming Cannabis, the Pre-Roll is your best option for you. But what is  it? A Pre-roll is a pre-assembled, ready-to-smoke joint or blunt. 

Now I bring you good news, there are many possibilities that you can find like Monkey Glue, Og Kush,DT81, 24K Gold, Afghan Kush and more, anyway, infinities of Pre-rolls types.



I have already talked about the classic way of consuming cannabis. Now I will talk about the bong. It seems like a very complex system at first time, but it is not. Basically 

The bong is a water pipe that consists of 3 main parts: The bowl, the base and the neck. In the bowl the cannabis is heated, then filtered through the water to finally the smoke travel through the neck and rise for the users to inhale the smoke. Well and you will think, what advantages does this have? One of them is an easy and fast way to use, as we saw previously, it is only to put the cannabis, the water, heat it and it’s ready!.

Another advantage of the bong is that smoke is filtered into the water that eliminates the dry smoke and makes it smoother and fresher, even for more freshness, you can introduce ice to  the water.



Continuing with the ways to consume i find one that is closely linked to the previous one but not so big and a little more discreet. The pipe is one of the oldest forms of consumption, it can be made of wood, metal or glass, the latter being the most used in these times.


One of the most visible advantages is its bowl, this is larger so that more grass can be burned in it, another advantage that the pipe has is its soft smoke, as in the bong, the blow is softer and fresher.



If your passion is eating more than smoking, this is your option. Edibles are all foods that are infused with Cannabis. These range from mint gums to traditional brownies.

As for the variety, there is an infinity of edible products with Cannabis.Here we will leave you some of the best options:


Quick Orchard Peach Sativa Gummies
CBD Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel
Watermelon Sour Soft Chews
Fast Acting Oral CBD QuickStrips
Milk Chocolate Bar



Last but not least I bring you the most famous way in these times: Vaping. Let’s get to the point, what is it? A vape or electronic cigarette is a device that converts the essence or oil of cannabis into vapor with a resistance. Of these there are many devices and refills of cannabis oils.

The other question is: what type of vape or essence is ideal to start? And the answer is, depending on what you want, you can find refills of CBD, THC and hybrid and also some kind of taste like both sativa and indica and also hybrids.

there are many strains loke Og kush, Pineapple, Sour Diesel among others

Regarding the device, there are also many of them. vape-pens, mods and pod mods 

here are my recommendations:

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